Blooming Dandelion



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Acrylic on canvas
130cm x 90cm

Dandelion flowers are a symbol of power, hope, strength, integrity  and independence.

As we all know, dandelion flowers spread widely across the globe. No matter what climate the land is, Dandelions can thrive. They find their way  to grow in the small space between the stones, the sidewalk and everywhere that many plants can’t do. Even though they are getting stepped on they keep growing. Dandelions are nutritious too, bees and herbivores love to be around them. Dandelion s are beautiful, but they are not for sale.
I paint women’s bodies with Dandelion heads as a tribute to the strong and independent women around the globe. Many women are invisible, abandoned or getting not fair treatment just because of their gender but they make their way to success despite being down. The woman, who is not selfish uses that success to herself but instead gives positive impact to others, helping others to grow, they have integrity. Those women are blooming beautifully as they watch the obstacles that they’ve been through.
By purchasing this painting not only you make me happy. It is also making other women and children in Indonesia happy. I will donate 10 percent to Yayasan Bumi Sehat Indonesia, where they take care of women and children. Second part of the donation will go to Yayasan semua sehat, where they distribute packets to women and childrens in need in Bandung West Java Indonesia.