There are some of my pieces I have made for different occasions. Do you like any of my paintings and you wish you had one? Order it in your size specifications and adjustments and I will make it for you.

Dream Home

Since beginning of my carrier I’ve always had a dream to have an art shop next to my house, a cafe place in front of it where I can meet up with my clients. It sounds like a beautiful dream. I shared my dream with my family and my partner several times but it just […]

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The Healing Process – Painting

This painting is part of my meditation how I see myself in a journey of healing. First stage is grief and denial, where there are three female heads among cacti trying to escape or simply to take a breath of fresh air. It is where the problem starts, where I fight with myself. The more […]

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The Tropical leaves

Acrylic on canvas Size: 80cm x 40cm

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The Monkey

Acrylic on canvas Size: 1.5m x 0.8 m

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The fall bird

Acrylic on paper Size: 30cm x 18 cm

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The Fall

Acrylic on paper Size: 30cm 2x 18 cm2

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The Flamingo

Acrylic on Canvas Size: 2m2 x 1,5m2

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The Tropical Garden

Acrylic on canvas Size: 3m2 x 80m2

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The Chickens

Acrylic on paper Size: 30cm 2x 18 cm2

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