Breaking the Circle


Breaking the circle
130cm x 150cm
Acrylic on Canvas




The decision to stand up for oneself is an act of liberation that is often accompanied by chaos and fear – who try their best to keep you within their reign. This is what I try to portray through a group of obscure human figures who overlap one another and are confined to a small space with many unseen doors that represent opportunity. One of these figures has been given power and is covering the others’ eyes with his many arms and hands. It is a dense and limiting space. Yet, a door opens, spewing radiant oranges, purples and yellows that I painted with dripping water techniques. The fluid nature of this light represents possibility and an exciting future, which a brave female figure sees and makes a bold decision to dash towards, much to the confusion of the others.

They try to hold her back, but will she make it to the door?