Blooming Dandelion





Acrylic on canvas
130cm x 90cm
The sculpted and bulbous bodies of women are intertwined together, creating a feeling of unity
and strength. It is as if the warm Indian reds, browns and siennas that make up their bodies are
of the soil of the earth; withered by struggle and unfair treatment, which in turn, creates the
fertile conditions for Dandelions to bloom.
Dandelions, as many of us know, are a symbol of power, hope, integrity and independence.
Despite being trampled on, they thrive anywhere and everywhere and despite all odds – finding
even the smallest spaces to grow.
I paint women’s bodies with Dandelion heads as a tribute to the strong and independent women
around the world. Many find themselves, invisible, abandoned yet continue to thrive. As the
painting depicts, those who are not selfish bring a positive impact and help others grow with
10 percent of the funds generated by the sale of this artwork will be donated to Yayasan Bumi
Sehat and Yayasan Semua Sehat in Indonesia, who run community childbirth centers and
distribute food and educational packets to women and childrens in need respectively.