About me

My Mission

I choose and combine colors to bring happy feelings to all the paintings that I made, I want everyone who sees the painting will feel the peace and happiness. The painting concepts can also come from the customer’s mind. You can tell me what pictures you like and I can transform them into artistic painting. When you are happy with the result, it even brings more happiness to me.

My story in short

If you don’t have much time to read my story, there is a short version of how I became an artist.

I enjoyed painting, but I never imagined I would be an artist. I got degree in art education and from there I started to look for a job opportunities. I struggled to find my customers as I was new on the market. Poverty made me to work as an administrator and a sales person. In my free time I was looking for a customers and after while I found my first school, where I painted a mural.

Since then people asked for me and my paintings. I felt that all the prayers and hard work finally became reality. At the end I got more offers and learned many lessons in my life – It is not easy to pursue your dreams, but it makes you happier when things work out.

Now I have many satisfied customers and make murals and sell paintings as I always wanted.

My Story

Where it had begun

2009 – I didn’t want to be an artist. I enjoyed my time when I was painting, but I didn’t like people’s perspective about a visual artist. My point of view for artist itself was poor, weird, odd and maybe strange to other people,  but I couldn’t deny that I loved painting so much. Therefor I took a formal art education in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

2014 – My first job as an art teacher and I found out that my salary was the lowest of all the teachers at the school where I was working. I was not happy with that, so as a young adult I looked for another job and I found one with better salary. Unfortunately the job was in another field than being an art teacher. When I worked as Administrator in an insurance company, I didn’t like what I was doing, complained a lot and had no motivation to do my work. I missed my painting time, but at the same time I didn’t want to be poor.

Searching for myself

2016 –  I decided to resign from my job and just followed my passion. I wanted to find myself and be happy. Later on I realized there is a price to pay for following my heart. April 2016 I decided to paint for people and sell my paintings. I went from one school to another around Canggu area in Bali offering my after school programme. The reasons were simple. Earn money and eventually design murals to be painted at those schools. I looked for a school, which would give me a wall to paint. It was the hardest time in my life, it was the time where I was at zero point financially and emotionally. I just had money to  pay the rent of my tiny flat and to afford my simple daily meal. I often cried out of self pity. My life seemed distant from happiness, but I believed deep in my heart if I worked harder on my art, it would pay off. Thus I worked and prayed so much harder than I had done before. I took different side jobs, from being a sales girl selling French food from market to market to being a sales girl on a small boutique, and any other temporary jobs that could make little money and didn’t need me to sign any contracts that would make me work under strict regulations. I ate simple meals, I bought cheap clothes and I lived in a low cost room. I knew it was the price I had to pay to start doing my passion all the way.

 Art didn’t make a living

2017 – In January I evaluated my first year doing art and in my opinion art didn’t make a living. I started thinking about other jobs that possibly could support my life. I stopped painting for a while. I stopped doing things, I thought a lot and I almost signed a contract for having a more reasonable job. I was overthinking and hopeless at the same time, and it caused bad things because in May 2017 I fell twice from motorbike when I was riding it. It forced me to have bed rest in hospital for few days because I wasn’t able to remember anything for a while, but luckily I got my memories back. There was only a scar left on my calf that will always remind me for this situation.

Art as a Meditation

Lesson learned. Finally with the support of my family I transformed the way I think. If painting doesn’t making a living, I will do painting as a meditation. I treat myself much better than I did before. Whenever I overthink, I always remind myself the reason why I chose this way, that is to be happy. I can spend a lot of time painting because I do it as a meditation. Painting does not only help me find myself, painting also helps me “love myself and I keep believing that the best is yet to come. Days fly by and suddenly I start receiving many offers either for murals or paintings. As a result, I created this website for you to see my artwork.

Thank You

I am thankful to all of you, who have ordered paintings from me. This is the real act of support and appreciation that means so much to me. That is a little,yet meaningful, thing you can do to help me to achieve my dream. However, the most important thing for me is if you love and are satisfied with the painting that I made for you.