150cm x 130cm
Acrylic and Oil on Canvas




A relaxed tourist with a beer can as a head sits idly; blinded by the beauty of the colorful townhouses of Nyhavn. Enthusiastic cyclists whizz past with their tongues out, whilst a lively. Dahlia flower blooms in the center with a flamingo’s head reaching for a plate of fresh oysters.

This painting gives rise to contrasting emotions, as the vibrant and lighter colors of the subjects closer to us are placed against an eerie and somber winter sky painted with thick layers of earthy dark browns, umber and orange cadmiums. It is a symbolic and surrealist scene that depicts my arrival in Copenhagen – still grieving my fathers passing only few weeks before. My friend here described to me the uniquely Danish concept of “Hygge”, which is a comfortable sense of contentment and well-being that I experienced at that moment. The Dahlia flowers I saw radiated love and involvement, and the flamingo illustrates the social groups that gather cheerfully around the dining tables. This pleasant and pure feeling was like a breath of fresh air amidst my grief. It is a testament to the enduring people here who make the most out of a difficult winter.